What to do when you get year back in Engineering

What to do when you get year back in Engineering

Hello Guys, You are interested in this post that means either you got year back or you might be just curious, whatever the reason may be but today I’m going to tell you what you need to do if you get year back in engineering.

I know how it feels to get failed just for few marks. It is so embracing for anyone to get fail after doing so much of hard work. The biggest mistake what students do after getting fail is they over think about getting fail and start hating everyone.

year back

One thing over student should keep in mind Year backs won’t decide your success.

Slowly you start getting disturbed all the time, people in society start comparing you with other which makes you more agitated.

very soon you will start facing the difficulties like

  • Getting scoldings for silly reasons from parents, brother, sister etc.
  • You will be given examples of your friends like your friends passed you failed.
  • You will starting things in a wrong way because you cannot accept how suddenly people’s behaviours towards you changed.

There is nothing in the world troubles you as much as your own thoughts.

We see a lot of students committed suicide because they got fail, which is a sign of weakness. Ending your life is not a way you have been taught all those years by your family your well wishers. Don’t ruin whole life just for few bad weeks.

Never Give Up There is Not Such Thing as Ending.

Few students start will have positive minds they start to thing where it went wrong

  • Wrong valuation
  • Confused answers
  • Revaluation
  • Photocopy and what not.

But there are some souls for whom its difficult to accept the fact that they got failed.

Remember that “Failure is not Final”.


year back


What to do when you get year back in Engineering

  • Start doing something in which you are good at.
  • Start doing something creative.
  • Make yourself always busy.
  • Don’t try to be alone and stay away from people who demotivates you.

If you ask me What to do when you get year back in Engineering I suggest you to be Google’s friend, which means learn anything which you are interested in and start as soon as possible.

They best way to get your reputation back is only through earning money. If you earn money no one dares to question you not even your family.

There are a lot of way to earn money if you are able to use google to get earning.

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year back

I’m gonna tell my story how I gone through the tough days of year back. The most important thing what I did is I made google as my friend I was have no knowledge anything about how Internet works to make you profit. As like others I used internet only for chatting, social media like Facebook etc.

Soon I started getting interest in internet which make good money for you.

I used to go on open chat websites to do chatting later I got few friends who helped to get my own social networking website. I earned good money with that like this step by step I started doing things which make good money on internet today I own a web hosting company, I have 4 websites.

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The main point what I want to tell is don’t waste time thing that you got failed. Think in a positive way that life has given you a chance to do something new, something creative, something out of the box.

 What to do when you get year back in Engineering

year back

“Yeah we all shine on, Like the moon, Like the stars and like the sun “

Life is short to do something great starting yourself today, don’t wait for the degrees to achieve something in life. Always remember few things in life

  • Positive minds generates creative things.
  • Hardwork is a path to success.
  • You are the reason for your success.

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