VTU students wants ‘Even’ semester exams to postpone

VTU to shut down, Many Visvesvaraya Technological University students staged a protest on Tuesday demanding that the university postpones the ‘Even’ semester exams until the re-evaluation results of the ‘odd’ semester exams are announced.

The state vice president of “All India Democratic Students Organisation” Ravinandan B.B – informed the results were due in February but were released at the end of may. All the engineering colleges are demanding to pay the exams fees for the even semester now. The students do not even get enough time to apply for the revaluation.

VTU students wants ‘Even’ semester exams to postpone


No money, VTU to shut down

VTU to shut down, The University is on the verge to be shut down due to no money, In the year 2015 the central govt raided the university and seized 441 crore rupees in an income tax and also imposed a penalty of 121 crore which caused the university go bankrupt.

The higher education minister ” Basavaraj Reyareddi ” when asked about the delays in the exams results he said

“I am aware of the problem and we are in touch with the university to rectify the problem as soon as possible. The main reason for the problem is the new software which has been incorporated for making the examination process smoother.”

Further asking about students concerns he added, “I understand there has been a lot of complaints and I know there are loopholes in the university. What do I do? We are cash-strapped and do not have a single rupee to pay teacher salaries. There are no funds for anything.”

The main point which is noticeable in an interview with the minister is he added that “We are on the verge of closing the university as we do not have funds and there are many lacunae which are uncontrollable. I am going to take serious action against the university after meeting officials.”

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The minister said that change is required in the Karnataka state universities Act.

We can not deny the fact that there has been a history of corruption in the varsity,” he added.

“The new system allowed us to reduce the cost of evaluation by at least Rs 4-5 crore. This has delayed the results this year but will not happen in future.

Right now, the universities under the act have shared stakeholders. A part of the power lies with the governor, a part of the government and the rest of the university itself. This leads to many administrative challenges and a problem in conducting inquiries into different issues. We need big changes in the law itself.

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