VTU MCA 4th Sem Notes

welcome users here is a complete set of VTU MCA 4th Sem Notes, All the main subjects and the optional subject notes VTU MCA 4th Sem Notes with mini project are free to share.

VTU MCA 4th sem Notes

                                      VTU MCA 4th Sem Notes

The VTU MCA Sem Notes which are available in our website are given below and all the subjects are of latest scheme of VTU.

Analysis and Design of Algorithms :-

[Unit 1: Introdcution].        

 [Unit 2: Brute Force] 

[Unit 3: Divide and Conquer].

 [Unit 4: Decrease and Conquer] 

[Unit 5: Space and Time Tradeoff].

 [Unit 6: Dynamic Programming]

 [Unit 7: Greedy Techniques]                      

[Unit 8: Limitations of Algorithmic Power]

  • Advanced Java Programming :-
  • Advanced Web Programming
  • Advanced Computer Networks
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Software Testing and Practices
  • ADA Laboratory
  • Advanced Java Programming Lab
  • Mini Project

Note:- All the files are in pdf format, make sure you have pdf reader application if you don’t have you can download it. If you have any doubt about the notes you can comment below in the comment section.


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