How to score good marks in VTU Exams

How to score good marks in VTU??

IT Is the most frequently asked question of every VTU student who is facing scoring problems in his course . The students have no proper guidelines of scoring in VTU exams , Simply writing or filling the number of page wont get you marks in VTU unlike in the others universities. VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University) is one of the top universities in the south india.

How to score good marks in vtu

The most difficulties vtu students are facing is they think that scoring in VTU is not so easy and it is not possible for them to get high marks then they start to think of getting just pass in the exam. In fact scoring in any university exam is not too much difficult job only we need to understand the proper way of getting good marks in any exam . The students should think that everyone has a capability of scoring good marks so it can increase there self confidence that they can do way better then they think.

Point the Remember For scoring good marks in VTU exams

  1. Collect the previous year question papers of last 5 years , Try to solve all the questions if not possible then collect the question which are repeatedly asked in all the exams covers those topics thoroughly but you need to start doing all this before one month or 25 days before the exam.
  2. As every VTU student knows that using the black ball pen is mandatory in the VTU exams , while drawing the diagrams use BLACK BALL PEN instead of using the pencils.
  3. Make your mind calm before writing the exam so you can remembers easily whatever you have studied for the exams.Always start with the questions which you know the answers properly because the evaluators always decided your ability based on first few question only so write the first few questions neat,clean and properly.
  4. Always try to write the answers in the point wise fashion so the Evaluators can feel easy to read your answer properly since they have less time to read the big whole sentences .
  5. If necessary of writing the answers in paragraphs then try to underline the important points in the answer but don’t make it mess by underlining so many points.
  6. The diagrams and circuits are very important so describe those very neatly and properly
  7. Problems are something where you can score marks even if something is wrong with it, write the correct formula’s and highlight you final answer in box or double underline it.
  8. Studying at last time during exams may create confusions so study before and be prepare well and during the exams you just need to glance the things which you have studied earlier.
  9. The main key success for scoring is concentrate in the class during the lectures so you can understand the concepts , if u know the concept you can write in your own way.


If you follow the above steps then you will get good score un vtu it may be either in BE or MCA or MBA.

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